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Bhim Apk App Download for Android and iPhone

This is the time where the Indian Economy is moving in the process to become a Cashless Economy there is another Step taken by the prime minister of India. Prime Minister Modi Launched an Application for the smartphone users which Makes online payment making system very easy. After the 50 days of Demonetisation effort of Indian Govt. Indian Govt Launched an Application Named Bharat Interface for Money Application also Known by the name of BHIM APP. This Application Used for online Payment transfer and all the system of this application is based on Aadhar Number. BHIM Application supports the Demonetisation Cashless system. This Application allows the user to transfer the payments to just one TAP. This application officially launched by Indian Prime Minister. On October Narendra Modi tweeted on the Twitter “I will Launch An Application which will enable Online Payments and transactions. The App will immensely Benefit our citizens” And on 2 January when He speaks for the Nation he Launched an Application Which Named BHIM App.Bhim App For Android

What is Bhim App

The National Payment Corporation of India designs Bhim App. BHIM Payment App is a UPI Based Payment System. BHIM App allows people to transfer money and pay online for different things direct to vendors Accounts via direct system or via Scanning the QR Code.The Name of the Bhim App is directly dedicated to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Bhim Application Features

As we know that Country is Moving towards the Cashless System. For Completing Narendra Modi’s this system, he Launched the BHIM App here is Some General Features of Bhim App Which Everyone Need to Know.

  • As per the Statement of PM Narendra Modi Ji in the Coming Future, all the online Transactions will be made by the Bhim App.
  • All the Payment options are available on one Click means App is Easy to Use.
  • The Security system of the Application is Very High So Users Money will be safe in this App Wallet.
  • Bhim App is very fast App and it will consume only 2 MB memory of your Mobile Phone and will Load very fast.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi Requested to Indian People to make at least 5 Transaction a Day via The BHIM App.
  • BHIM App simply allows users to Send and Recieve MoneyAndd also allows to Pay directly to Vendors and also Scan QR Codes and Pay.
  • The user will get their Unique UPI Number and for Pay to Other User will need for other UPI for Pay them.
  • BHIM App made by other online payment Apps like Paytm so people will understand it Easily.
  • You can Connect with your All banks Accounts of Different Banks and also can Easily Switch between different Bank Accounts.
  • IMPS (Immediate Payment System) is Available, Work on the same system.
  • BHIM App is working 365 Day and 24 Hours.
  • Currently, 10,000 Limit is restricted to single payment via BHIM APP.

How to Install Bhim App

Installing Bhim App is Damn Easy. The user can simply visit the Google Play Use via their smartphone. Login to Google Play Store Now searches for the BHIM App. There are plenty of Copy of BHIM App is available in the Play Store. You should need to Download Official Bhim App which is distributed by National Payment Corporation of India. Now download BHIM APP from here and Install it on your Phone.


This is the time when the whole country is moving to be a Cashless Country, and after Demonetisation many E-Wallet and Online Payment Gateways come into Existence. In the Lead Paytm has ruled the Market and spotted on Every Local Vendor and Place. Now the Indian Govt. took a Step Ahead to this system and came with this App. If this App provides local convenience vendors and local People for payment transfer, then This App can be a Revolution for Everyone and Cashless System of India. Bhim App is simply available for smartphone users. Go and Use the App and Share Your Reviews.

Bhim App Download